Mikael Zakrisson 

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Year / Model 1946 CJ-2A, #23542
Engine Volvo B-20 (switched sometime by previous owners)
Trans  Original
Xfercase  Original
Rear Axle  Original
Front Axle  Original
Wheels / Tires  Combat tires
Springs / Shocks  it has them.
Misc -- Not the original body (philippiner made probobly), grill from a CJ-3B, handbrake between front seats. Gastank
located at rear of front seats.  Love to hear from other Willys 1946 CJ-2A owners since i´m a new into jeeps and
restauration. mikael.zakrisson@partners-lule.se
Current / Future Projects -- Replace handbrake with original "umbrella dash handtype". Put on a MB canvas top with neccesary top bow and brackets. Tear down transmission and change all seals. Sandblaster the frame and
color it Olive Drab. Change of the grill and windshield into a CJ-2A.
Clubs -- Willys Jeep Club in Sweden
Previous/Other Jeeps Owned -- none
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