Adrienne Wieland

Seattle, Washington

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Year / Model 1995 YJ
Engine 2.5l
Transmission 3 speed automatic
Transfercase stock
Rear Axle stock
Front Axle stock
Wheels / Tires 5 spoke full face steel, Wrangler Good Year p225/75R15
Springs / Shocks stock
Misc: rear rock bumper, front brush guard, tinted hard top
Current / Future Projects: I want to get my Jeep more off road worthy once I am able to purchase another car, spring 2001.
Trails: A lot of New Jersey beaches, Nevada desert, all BIG puddles in Seattle
Events Attended: Jeep 101, Philadelphia, PA
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: This is my first Jeep.
Other: I just love my Jeep. I have slept in it. Ate in it. When, and if it ever goes to the great beyond (hey! I don't know anything about rebuilding cars!) I will make it a giant planter!
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Sun, Feb 20, 2000