John V.

Vail, Colorado

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Year / Model 1970 Jeepster Commando Wagon
Engine 225 Dauntless V-6
Transmission Stock
Transfercase Stock
Rear Axle Dana 35 with 4:27's
Front Axle Dana 27 with 4:27's
Wheels / Tires American Racing 8x15's and Hercules 28's
Springs / Shocks Well its there
Misc: Paint by me and roller brush, autometer gauges, best top seats, ponieer sound.
Current / Future Projects: Well if my wires woulden't short all the time, mayby I could remove the alligatior clip leads ataching everything. An add a leaf and a K&N are coming soon.
Trails: My driveway, and plenty of good sizes curbs.
Events Attended: Engine compartment fireworks, I'm not an electrition.
Clubs: None
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: 1998 5.9 ZJ, 1989 YJ (sucks), 1940 something CJ-2A)
Other: Money pit, but well worth the adventure. Besides its the only one I've seen around here.
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Tue, Jan 4, 2000