Richard Truesdell

Yorba Linda, CA

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Year / Model 1969 Jeep Super Wagoneer (1414D)
Engine Buick 350 w/Edelebrock 4-bbl carburetor
Transmission GM Turbo HydroMatic 400
Transfercase Spicer 20 2-speed
Rear Axle Dana 44
Front Axle Dana 27AF
Wheels / Tires P235/75R15 All-Season whitewalls
Springs / Shocks F&R leaf/stock
Misc: Unique Super Wagoneer gold/black side trim, vinyl bucket seats and console, factory air conditioning, vinyl roof, mag-style hubcaps
Current / Future Projects: My first project will be to restore the cutout rear wheel wells to original specifications (previous owner cut them out to arrest rust and to gain clearance for larger-than-stock tires). I'd like to find a better condition front grille (can anyone help). I plan on updating as many vehicle systems as I can without materially affecting the originality of the vehicle. This will include a front disc brake upgrade, stealth high-end audio/navigation/video system using a laptop computer as the main processor (my one concession to the originality issue), power door locks, reupholster headliner and replace the warped vinyl crash pad.
Trails: Copper Creek, AZ, various trails in and around Death Valley, CA. And Big Bear Lake, CA
Events Attended: Camp Jeep 1996, 1998 & 1999
Clubs: Member FSJ List, AMC List
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: 1980 AMC Eagle (Yea, I know it's not a Jeep but it's the next best thing and certainly has a direct connection to Jeep and a Jeep Spirit.)
Owner Home Page: http://members.aol.com/maxspeeded/69SupWag.html,
Other: My Super Wagoneer was featured as the Retrospective vehicle in the January 2000 issue of JP magazine. I'm really proud of my Jeep and it is currently my daily driver when I don't have a test vehicle for one of the magazines that I contribute to monthly. I'd like to update it to include features that were included in later model Wagoneers but not at the expense of materially altering the look of the vehicle. It is in fine original condition as the previous owner of 29 years obviously took good care of it. I wouldn't mind upgrading the front brakes to discs if someone can make a suggestion as to the best route without having to replace the front axle. My setup has five lugs as opposed to the six-lug setup of the AMC-era Wagoneers.

I am interested in corresponding with other Super Wagoneer owners and establishing a Super Wagoneer Registry in an effort of documenting how many of the approximately 1,200 Super Wagoneers produced are still in existence and preserving more of the precursor to the modern luxury SUV, the 66-69 Jeep Super Wagoneer. Please contact me at autotronic@aol.com.
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Sun, Feb 20, 2000