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Year / Model  1945 Willys-Overland CJ-2A
Engine  None
Trans  None
Transfer Case  Spicer 18-77
Rear Axle  None
Front Axle  Spicer 25 (5.38:1)
Wheels / Tires  none/none
Springs / Shocks  Stock (front Willys-Overland A-8463 ten leaves, rear Willys-Overland A-15728 eleven leaves)/Monroe double action hydraulic
Brakes  stock (Bendix 44916 with Wagner FD-7379 3/4" cylinder)
Misc --This used to be setup as a farm Jeep with a rear PTO. Its original color was Harvest Tan. It has a MB windshield frame that I believe is correct since there is documented evidence of Willys-Overland using MB parts during a strike in 1945. It has an axle assembly date of 6-22-45.
History -- This is CJ2A-10068 which makes it the 68th CJ-2A built out of 1824 built in 1945. As you can tell from the picture it is literally a pile of rusted parts. I bought it mostly for its serial number tags. This Jeep was used by Charles Ellis for the restoration of the earliest civilian prototype known to exist (CJ2-09). (He used the rear axle and rear PTO setup of his AgriJeep.) The frame can be salvaged and at a later date (like 20 years!) I plan on fabricating a correct 1945 body for it since 1945 models are so rare (unless another 1945 model comes my way and I will use this as a parts Jeep). This is the 5th oldest CJ-2A known to exist. (I know that 10012, 10026, 10047 and 10061 have survived.) My goal is to have a correctly restored example of all the years for the CJ-2As. If anyone knows of or has a '45 CJ-2A, I would love to hear from you.
Clubs/Trails --MVPA
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