Michael Taddeo

Calgary, Alberta

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Year / Model 1998 TJ
Engine 4cyl
Transmission 5sp std
Transfercase stock
Rear Axle stock
Front Axle stock
Wheels / Tires stock
Springs / Shocks stock
Misc: Lion Seat covers and Chesapeak Bay Retreiver ride shotgun
Current / Future Projects: Larger tires, Brush Guard, sound bar, soft top, smaller dog
Trails: some mountain trails and gravel pits
Events Attended: Attended none at this time
Previous or Other Jeeps owned:
Other: I am new to Alberta and this is my first Jeep. I have had other 4x4's but this has been the most fun so far. Now if I had more time to take it into the rougher areas. Not many options on this truck but a lot of fun to drive either way. Next one will have 6cyl and a few more options. Maybe a smaller dog riding shotgun. When I find a good place to take this truck I will get some better pictures.
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Mon, Sep 20, 1999