Sujak, Md.Shah


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Year / Model 1980 CJ 7(Register in Malaysia)
Engine 258 Inline 6 clyinders
Transmission Ford T 18 _ 6.32 1st
Transfercase Dana 300
Rear Axle AMC 20 3.31 open with Moser 1 piece axles, EZ Locker
Front Axle Dana 300 3.31 open
Wheels / Tires Siverstone MT 117 16 in.
Springs / Shocks Coil springs with Gabriel shocks,anti roll bar (modified from L/Cruiser MK II)
Misc: High Lift, one pair shackle (front), hook(rear), Heavy Duty bumper (front & rear), Hard Top and Soft Top, Snorkle, Fender(by fibreglass)
Current / Future Projects: 4 to 1 D 300 kit, Tuffy Console, Hydraulic Winch (modified)
Trails: Rainsforest Challenge 1998/1999, 2000 4x4 Jamboree
Events Attended:
Clubs: Johor 4WD Club (Malaysia), Kluang 4x4 (Malaysia)
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: Land Rover 90, Volvo Truck, Willys Jeep.
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Wed, Jul 5, 2000