Jason Stark

Ontario, Canada

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Year / Model 1984 Jeep CJ7
Engine Swapped in 258 6cyl, Hedman Hedder, HEI, Holly 2 Barrel, soon to be F.I.
Transmission T-176
Transfercase Dana 300
Rear Axle Amc 20 4.11, open for now
Front Axle Dana 30, 4.11, open for now
Wheels / Tires 33x12.5x15 M/T, on 15x10, Steel Crome
Springs / Shocks Spring Over,Buggy leaf, 4cyl Springs, with add-a-leaf, Rancho RS5000s
Misc: Mustang GT seats, Electric Fan, Hand Throttle, X9 Superwinch, Custom Rear Bumper/W Reciever
Current / Future Projects: Lockers/One piece axle Shafts, F.I, Possibly Swampers, YJ tub.
Trails: All fairly Local, I like the rocks!
Events Attended: Lingham Lake, Clean up Run
Clubs: Treasurer for North Hastings Four Wheel Drive Club
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: 86 Jeep Commanche
Owner Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Dunes/5623/club.html
Other: Owned the Jeep for 2 years, it has come a long way it was bone stock when I got it, sunk lots of $$, and time. I think I have become a certified Mechanic along the way!! Like to thank Kris S. and Dean H for all there help, if it wasn't for them my Jeep would not be what it is today!
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Sun, Sep 19, 1999