Jennifer Sproston

Toronto, Ontario

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Year / Model 98 TJ Sport
Engine 4.0L
Transfercase NP 231
Rear Axle Dana 35
Front Axle Dana 30
Wheels / Tires 33 x 12.5 Super Swamper TSL tires on 10 in. Baja wheels
Springs / Shocks Rubicon Express 4.5 suspension lift (SYE, disconnects, spicer driveshaft, Doetsch Tech shocks extended brake lines etc. etc.)
Misc: AC (for heavy duty electrical package) front & rear tow hooks, tow strap and fire extinguisher (hope I never need it!), speaker bar, speaker box with two 8" pioneers, CD player and a crapy old amp, Cobra 75x CB, 108" antenna (its a white ugly radio shack special, I think I'll tape it up orange an make it uglier), Canadian Tire racing pedals (funny, they dont make it go faster?!)
Current / Future Projects: I'm looking for a tire carrier to take the weight of the spare off the rear door. I'm also planning a trip to crawl the Rubicon next summer, but before that I have to beef up the jeep with some new gears, lockers and hopefully have cash left for a winch...
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Sat, Feb 26, 2000