Dennie Smith

Reno, Nevada

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Year / Model 1982 CJ7
Engine 258
Trans T-18
Transfer Case Dana 300
Rear Axle AMC 20
Front Axle Dana 30
Wheels / Tires Steel, BFG 33x12.5 MT
Springs / Shocks Stock CJ7 Rear/CJ8 Front
Brakes Manual
Misc: SOA w/YJ shackles, RS9000's, Detroit SL in rear, 6 bolt hubs, on board air w/3 gal air tank, Weber 32/36, HEI dist, Mile Marker 9K lb, 6 point roll cage, front TJ Flares, Lizzerds Bumpers front and rear w/center receiver in rear, custom made 3 point jamboree rack that attaches to receiver and stock tire carrier, BFG 33x9.5 spare, YJ half doors, custom Hi-Lift jack mount above pasenger wheel well, Cobra CB w/center mount fire stick ant, military utility trailer w/pintle.
Current / Future Projects: ARB's F&R, Ford FI 5.0 V8, 4.56 gears w/35" tires, rear TJ flares, maybe custom axles.
History: Bought this Jeep for $2000, in excellent stock condition, owner did not have title, and bank went belly up. Held at friends Tow yard for 3 months while searching for 50 state Lien Holder. Nobody claimed the Jeep, received a salvage title and registered at DMV :)
Trails:Rubicon, Fordyce, local 4+ trails
Events Attended: Local Poker Runs, Sierra Trek
Events Planned: T2K
Clubs: Reno Jeepers, Jeep-L
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: 85 CJ7, 79 CJ7 w/rusted body
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