Chris Patrick

St. Louis, MO.

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Year / Model 84, no 75, no 79, cj... um.....yea...
Engine AMC 360
Trans TH 400
Transfer Case Dana 20/Terralow 3.15
Rear Axle Dana 44 Scout
Front Axle Dana 30 Widetrack
Wheels / Tires 35x16x15 Boggers
Springs / Shocks 4 inch lift springs, Heckethorn Nitro's 34 in. (16 in. travel)
Misc: oh yea.. lesse, it was a 84 CJ-7, then a 75 CJ-5, then a 79 truck, and now its an 84 CJ-8. Everything has been swapped in. Has: spring over axle conversion, Tom Woods driveshafts, CV joint rear, York compressor, Wrangler seats and center console, Scorpion liner, B-M Megashifter, completely custom steering, power steering conversion. and a 60 in. Hi-Lift jack (those puny 48 inchers won't get my tires off the ground!)
Current / Future Projects: reliability, 1 ton axle swap
Trails: Moab x2, Rubicon x1, Mark Twain National Forest, x alot
Clubs: Midwest Jeepthing
Other: Articulation. When looking at the pictures keep in mind the tires are 3 feet tall. Yea, the front has 16-18 inches of articulation, and the rear has 14 in.. Those silly coil kits offer only 15 in., and cost $3000. BAH!
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: a couple a CJ-5's, 401 powered CJ-7, a YJ, another CJ-7, and lots of parts trucks
Home Page: http://www.inlink.com/~cpatrick
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Mon, May 31, 1999