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Year / Model  1964 Willys CJ-5A Tuxedo Park
Engine  Willys F134
Trans  Warner Gear T-90 (side shift)
Transfer Case  Spicer 18
Rear Axle  Spicer Model 44 With Powr-Lok (4.27:1)
Front Axle  Spicer Model 27 AF with Powr-Lok (4.27:1)
Wheels / Tires  Kelsey Hayes 15 x 5.5/Optional whitewall 6.50 x 15 4-ply Custom Super Cushion
Springs / Shocks  Stock (front Willys 937505 six leaves-two stage, rear Willys 937506 five leaves)/Monroe double action hydraulic
Brakes  stock (New Double Action 10" brakes!)
Misc --This is one of the rare CJ-5A Tuxedo Park models. Most people think that is is just a CJ-5 with some chrome bolted on it. This is not the case. There were differences in the springs, brakes, electrical system, wheelhouses, transmission, etc. There were so many differences that Kaiser-Jeep put out a part list W-1175 "Parts Perculiar to the Tuxedo Park Mark IV, Jeep Models CJ-5A and CJ-6A." for the dealers to know the differences. The early Tuxedo Park models had a 60/40 front bench seat with a column-shift T-90. Wheelhouses had cushions on them. My Jeep is Parkway Green with a White Cap Meyers hard top. Its interior is Sylvan Green British Calf Grain Vinyl with a Sylvan Green Metallic Welt.
History -- My Jeep does not have a lot of miles on it because it has spent its life being a plow vehicle. It spent its entire life in Pennsylvania before I bought it a few years ago, so salt has taken its toll. I knew nothing about CJ-5As until after I bought the Jeep. I wanted a vehicle to plow, but I didn't want to ruin a CJ-2A. I figured they made over 600,000 CJ-5s, so I wouldn't feel as bad. I noticed the Tuxedo Park emblems on the hood and the column-shift made me research the Jeep. To my horror, it was a rare model. Since I need a plow vehicle, that is what it is going to do for the next few years. I have since tracked down its missing Tuxedo Park-related parts (Thanks to Doug Ehlers on the list for selling me his Tuxedo Park's springs and rear bumper mounts! These are specific to the Tuxedo Park and hard to find.) I have found a rust-free floor to put in it to replace the salt-eaten one as soon as I have the time. Nice running Jeep, although the column-shift mechanism is hard to keep adjusted right for some reason...
Clubs/Trails --MVPA
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