Top pic is picture of Todds CJ-2 with an incorrect GPW body. Bottom pic is a picture of the only other AgriJeep know to exist


Todd Paisley

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Year / Model 1944 Willys-Overland CJ-2 AgriJeep
Engine Willys-Overland L-134
Trans Warner Gear T-90 (640373 side shift)
Transfer Case Spicer 18-77
Rear Axle Spicer 23-2 (5.38:1)
Front Axle Spicer 25 (5.38:1)
Wheels / Tires Kelsey-Hayes 24562 Drop Center, 16 x 4.00 (solid rim)/ Goodyear farm implement tread, 16 x 6.00
Springs / Shocks  Stock (front Willys-Overland A-612 six leaves, rear Willys-Overland A-614 seven leaves)/Monroe double action hydraulic
Brakes  stock (Bendix 44916 with Wagner FD-7379 3/4" cylinder)
Misc --This is #12 of 12 prototype AgriJeeps put together in 1944 to determine whether the Jeep had a future in civilian life after the war. CJ2-12 was built in the August 1944 time frame since my axles have an assembly date of 8-18-44. These 12 (as well as later CJ-2s put together in 1945) were distributed across the country to Department of Agriculture sponsored Agricultural Experimentation Stations and large farms. I believe this is the Jeep assigned to Doughoregan Manor Farm in Maryland. (This test is described in the book "Hail to the Jeep".) The original owner of this Jeep was Eugene Rice who was a Willys-Overland contracting officer. Mr. Rice was the contracting officer who negoitiated the first Jeep contract with the government. The AgriJeep is a mix between a Willys MB and the production CJ-2A.
Current / Future Projects -- The Jeep unfortunately lost its original body sometime before 1976. I have worked with Charles Ellis who owns the only other AgriJeep known to exist (who's picture you see above) to photograph, measure and document every difference between the AgriJeep and the CJ-2A (down to the location of all the holes). I am going to fabricate an exact AgriJeep body from good used and NOS CJ-2A panels. If anyone has any information on the CJ-2 prototype activity, I would love to hear from you.
Clubs/Trails --MVPA
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