"This is defintely not my GPW script! Mine is a total basket case. Picture shows what a script GPW looked like when it was new...." Todd Paisley

Todd Paisley

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Year / Model  1942 Ford GPW "script"
Engine  Willys-Overland L-134 (incorrect)
Trans  GPW7000 (Ford copy of Warner Gear ASI-T-84-J)
Transfer Case  GPW7700 (Ford copy of Spicer 18-77)
Rear Axle  GPW4001 (Ford copy of Spicer 23-2) (4.88:1)
Front Axle  GPW3001-A (Ford copy of Spicer 25 (SKA-34172)) (4.88:1)
Wheels / Tires  none/none
Springs / Shocks  Stock (front GPW5310, GPW5311 six leaves, rear GPW5560 seven leaves)/GPW18040 (front), GPW18080 (rear) Monroe-type double action hydraulic
Brakes  (GPW2010, GPW2010-B, GPW2011, GPW2011-B with 3/4" cylinder)
Misc --Date of Delivery: April 11, 1942
History -- This is one of the real early Ford-built Jeeps that has the Ford script stamped in the back panel. (Government stopped Willys-Overland and Ford from doing this in May 1942 since it didn't "add to the war effort") It is a basket case and I may someday restore it. I just could let an early rare Jeep go to the crusher...
Clubs/Trails --MVPA
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