Joe Maleski

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Year / Model  '83 CJ-7
Engine  4.2L 258 I-6, registered in california, engine modifications here are verboten.
Trans  Stock OEM T-5, I think of it as the poor man's NV4500
Transfer Case  Dana 300.
Rear Axle  AMC 20 rear with Detroit Soft-Locker & Moser axles 4.56:1
Front Axle  Dana 30 front with PowerLock 4.56:1
Wheels / Tires  32 x 11.50/15 BFG M/T's on 15x8 steel wheels.
Springs / Shocks  RS9000's and one lousy RS5000 steering dampener
Misc --Driveshaft: Six States Distributors. Wow. Works great. The U-Joints on the old driveshaft were shot, and the new one sure feels tight. Superwinch hubs on the front. The old ones were OK, the new ones are more for peace of mind. Electrical: Custom wire looms made by Joe Maleski, dual Optima batteries. Winch: Blonde, about five foot...oh, the one *on* the Jeep, that's a Warn 8274. Seats: Super Seats from some cheesy mail-order place. Radios: Cheesy Sony AM/FM/Cassette that you can never hear over the noise of the drivetrain unless you crank the volume up so high it distorts thesound. The CB is an ancient GE unit from the 70's, it's actually *older*than the Jeep. Tomken steering box brace, Canyon City tire & can carrier, TomkenMachine rear bumper, Earl's steel braided brake lines (I'll put these in the next time I do a brake job), Cagle fuel pressure regulator, Off Your Rocker rocker panels, Jaguar hood ornament which my fiancee keeps promisingto paint for me one of these days. Color: Rattlecan Flat Black, oversprayed and blotchy. This modification alone virtually guarantees that my Jeep will *never* be featured in the pages of a magazine, no matter how technically innovative it may be.
Current / Future Projects --Those pesky rectangular dashboard lights don't all light up at night. One of these days I'm gonna' go in there and replace em'! Also, the knob on the end of the vent pull-thingy came off at Moab this year, it's stuck in the "Heat" position until I get off my duff and order those cool aluminum knobs from Currie. Also would be nice if I got a new windshield one of these days since this one is so scratched up I can't hardly see out of it when the sun is in my eyes. Oh yea, when I win the lottery I'll splurge and buy a new canvas top, this one's getting kind of raggy. Course I could put the hard top on... naaa. On second thought, I’m darn sick and tired of futzing with that !@#$% Carter BBD carb. When I win the lotto, I’m going to move up to Fuel Injection - I can live without a new soft top.
Clubs/Trails --Esprit de Four 4WD Club of San Jose, California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, Internet Offroad Mailing List and Jeep-L.
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