Jerry M. Ledbetter

San Ramon, California

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Year / Model 1982 CJ-8 Scrambler
Engine 258 I-6
Transmission NP 435 (6.69 first)
Transfercase Dana 300
Rear Axle Scout II Dana 44 (3.55 gears and Lock Rights Locker)
Front Axle Scout II Dana 44 (3.55 gears and Lock Rights Locker)
Wheels / Tires Chrome ten spoke/ 33x12.5R15 Pro Comp Mud Terrains
Springs / Shocks 4 in. Superlift Soft Ride lift and shocks
Misc: 1 in. Daystar Body lift, 33 gallon gas tank, full softtop, bikini top, full hard door, wrangler half doors, wrangler mirrors, herculined tub, custom drivelines, and rear seat.
Current / Future Projects: Custom Rear Bumper with Taildragger Rollers, Custom Tire Carrier, Howell Fuel Injecton (California Smog Legal), 4:1 transfer case kit, and power brakes.
Trails: High Lakes (Plumas National Forest)
Events Attended: None.
Events Planned: Jeep-L Hollister Run 2000 (Being organized by Zen aka Tim Turner).
Clubs: Jeep-L, California Association of 4WD Clubs.
Previous or Other Jeeps owned:
Owner Home Page: None.
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Thu, Sep 14, 2000