Keith Jackson

Blaine, MN 

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Year / Model

1975 CJ-5


AMC 360





Rear Axle

D44 w/ 3.73 ratio, open diff., drums

Front Axle

D30 w/ 3.73 ratio, open diff., drums

Wheels / Tires

ARE chrome blade style wheels w/35x12.5 Goodyear Wrangler MT's

Springs / Shocks

Some junky Rancho's- I think they're supposed to be 2 1/2" lift unknown brand worn out shocks

Misc: Special features? It's ALL special! ;)  Unknown brand 'glass body w/ one piece front end (fits well!)  2x2" steel tube body mounts (ruff!)  Ford Fiat seats w/ 3 point harness  '65 Ford mustang tail lights  Custom rear bumper 4x4" tubing w/ 2" reciever (me)  Shackle reversal (me)

Current / Future Projects: Fix this dog up! I wanted to buy a CJ in the middle of summer,  pickin's were slim and I ended buying what you see in the photo  for $2800. At the time, it had an I-6 with a cracked block.  Later this past summer, I realized that the D44 had bent axles,  as well. Think I got myself a real gem here. =) I've done a  bunch of stuff to it already, but the next big project will be  a spring-over with 3/4 elliptical in the rear. I've probably  spent $4500 on it so far, and I just bought it at the end of  June.

Trails: Nope. Next year

Events Attended: Everything I can afford to squeeze in next year.

Clubs: Working on it.

Previous or Other Jeeps owned: '85 Cherokee

Owner Home Page: http://www.brewskies.org/keith/

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Fri, Sep 14, 2001