Brian French

So. Calif, Near Disneyland

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Year / Model 1942 Ford Script GPW Serial #327 (2nd day of production)
Engine Ford GP 9-N Engine (stock) 4cly
Transmission Stock 3 speed
Transfercase Stock
Rear Axle Stock
Front Axle Stock
Wheels / Tires Early Solid Disc K-H 4" Dbl Drop center w/ "Ford" tires
Springs / Shocks Stock
Misc: serial #327 (2nd day of production)
Current / Future Projects:
Trails: Are you nuts? 2nd lowest surviving Serial# known!
Events Attended: El Toro USMC Air Show, SCMVCC, Big Bear, WoodsonBridge, MVPA
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: 1941 Willys Slatgrill MB Serial #157,
1942 Ford Script GPW Serial #327 (2nd day of production),
1942 Bantam T-3 1/4ton Jeep Trailer,
1943 Willys MBT 1/4ton Jeep Trailer,
1944 USMC prototype 1/4ton Jeep Trailer,
1945 K38 Linesman 1/8ton Jeep Trailer,
1967 Stevens M-416 1/4ton Jeep Trailer Serial #1000,
1976 Jeep CJ7 w/360 V8,
1979 Jeep CJ7 w/360 V8,
Owner Home Page: http://www.Drive.to/WWII
Other: Owner/Operator of Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII (Parts Store). The Everyday Driver: 1993 Toyota SR-5 Xtra-cab V6 4WD PU with water fording kit.
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Mon, Aug 23, 1999