Neil Baquiran
Calgary, AB Canada

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Year / Model 1985 CJ-7
Engine stock 258ci, I6
Trans stock T5
Xfercase stock
Rear Axle stock Dana 35, oversized rear brakes
Front Axle stock Dana 30
Wheels / Tires chromed spoked steel wheels, 35" Marshal Powerguard Radials
Springs / Shocks stock springs w/ 1 1/2" of add-a-leafs, 4 Rancho RS5000
shocks, 2 Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizers
Special features -- K-N filtercharger, 2 KC Daylighters (110 watts), 3 tops (hard, soft & bikini), 2 sets of doors (original steel & fullsized soft), Bestop nylon waterproof seatcovers
Current / Future Projects -- new springs, shackles and urethane bushings; a winch; some type of rack or a offroad trailer for all my gear; more lights; front and rear bumpers; nerf bars
Misc -- This Jeep has been my daily driver for the last three years. I've had a few problems with it (blowing the radiator 2 hours from home, frying the starter in the middle of the summer, blowing up the gear linkage when it was 40 below Celsius) and thought of selling it. But after all the cursing and throwing of things I came to my senses and hung on. How could anyone let go of such a classic machine. I just love the looks from people when I pull up beside them and look down into their sunroof.
Home Page: http://www.softoptions.com/caug (a site that I update regularily);
http://www.softoptions.com (where I work);
http://www.softoptions.com/neil (my site)
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Wed, Feb 23, 2000