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Ray Ashba

East Lansing and Rochester Hills, MI

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Year / Model 86 CJ-7
Engine 258 I-6 with ali valve cover
Transmission TF 999 3 speed Auto
Transfercase Dana 300
Rear Axle Stock Dana 44
Front Axle Stock Dana 30
Wheels / Tires Firestone Wilderness AT ~30" on stock looking chrome wheels
Springs / Shocks Stock stiff as HECK springs, Stock front shocks, Monroe Magnum Rear shocks
Misc: Getting Ali valve cover on now, Cobra CB radio, cheap CD player and has stock 20 gallon Poly tank.
Current / Future Projects: New bumper on order from Vogel Bro.'s, Shackle Reversal, clean up surface rust/new windshield frame
Trails: Nothing official... just places around MSU and Home
Events Attended: None... YET
Clubs: None YET looking at Mud chuggers
Other: Burnt 6/12/00; salvaged for project jeep
Owner Home Page: http://www.msu.edu/~ashbaray/CJ-7/CJ-7.htm
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Wed, Jul 5, 2000