Michael & Tauna Albrecht

Juneau, Alaska

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Year / Model 1997 Jeep® Cherokee
Engine 4.0L I-6
Transmission Auto
Transfercase NP231 w/ RE SYE & RE cv drivelines
Rear Axle open Chrysler 8.25" w/ stock 3:55:1 R&P
Front Axle open Dana 30 w/ stock 3:55:1 R&P
Wheels / Tires BFG 33x9.5-R15's mounted on stock 15x7 wheels off of our '90
Springs / Shocks Tomken 6" lift (6.5" in rear), Pro Comp ES3000 shocks
Misc: f/r extended braided stainless steel brakelines, "custom" sway-bar disconnects, mild fender trim trimming, Fox Weatherboots floor mats, Thule Weekender cargo box (to be replaced with a Kargomaster roof rack), Optima Red-top battery, Cobra Ultra~18, 40-channel CB w/ custom (homemade) CB antenna mount, 60" Hi-lift jack and a host of other recovery gear, Tomken rear bumper w/receiver hitch and swing-out tire carrier, K&N fliters, Red-line fluids
Current / Future Projects: F/R 4.56:1 & ARB lockers, C4x4 Fab winch bumper, Revolver shackles, GDI 3-row radiator, & 2 more inches of lift
Trails: various Alaska, Yukon, & British Columbia wilderness trails
Events Attended: None.
Events Planned:
50th Jeepers Jamboree, Camp Jeep, South Dakota Challenge
Previous or Other Jeeps owned: '79 Fullsize Cherokee, '90 Wrangler
Other: Our XJ was the USA Jeeps Featured Vehicle for June 2000! Check it out at http://www.usajeeps.com
Owner Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/jeepnuts_97xj/

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Sat, Sep 8, 2001