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Year / Model  1964 Willys Wagoneer
Engine  Willys Tornado OHC 230
Trans  T-86 (side shift)
Transfer Case  Dana 20
Rear Axle  Spicer Model 44-1 With Powr-Lok (4.09:1)
Front Axle  Spicer Model 27 AF with Powr-Lok (4.10:1)
Wheels / Tires  Kelsey Hayes 15 x 5.5/Optional whitewall 7.10 x 15 4-ply Custom Super Cushion
Springs / Shocks  Stock (front Willys IFS torsion bar), rear Willys 934901 five leaves)/Monroe double action hydraulic
Brakes  stock (11" x 2")
Misc --This is a low mileage example of the first Wagoneer. The 1963 and 1964 models were a major milestone. They were the first 4WD vehicles with a OHC engone. They were the first 4WD vehicles with an optional independent front suspension. They were also the first 4WD models that mated an automatic transmission. They were the forerunners of the modern SUVs. My Jeep is White Cap White with a President Red interior. It has almost all the options except air conditioning and an automatic transmission. It has 39,000 original miles.
History -- My Jeep was originally from New York and was originally owned by a member of Jacque Cousteau's team and spent its life sitting on a vacation retreat. My father owned a 1964 Wagoneer and I spent many years trying to find a nice original one just like it. (It is hard to find a nice original early Wagoneer.) I saw an ad a few years ago in Hemmings Motor News for one that was advertised for restoration or parts and it was $180. I assumed it was a junk parts Jeep and I didn't want another project Jeep. A couple weeks later I had nothing to do and decided to call and see the Jeep. Over the phone the owner said he was going to sell it for $150 to another person, but he would hold off until I saw it. When I saw it I couldn't believe it! I was in great shape! After looking under it and seeing the rare IFS and looking inside and seeing the rare dash clock, I bought it on the spot. It hadn't run for a few years, but after hooking up a new battery and pouring some gas into the carb., it fired right up and idled real nice. He had all the receipts and the original bill-of-sale and all the warranty cards and the key serial number knock outs! I have 2 complete automatic transmission drive trains and I plan on converting it to showcase all the 4WD firsts. If anyone has a air conditioning setup for a 230, I would love to hear from you.
Clubs/Trails --MVPA
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