Tom Anhalt

Santa Barbara, CA

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Year / Model

81 Cherokee Laredo


258 6-cylinder, only engine available in CA that year because of emissions. The funny thing is, in '80, the only engine available in CA was the 360, and you couldn't get the 258 because of emissions, go figure. A stout engine, nonetheless.


Chrysler 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission w/locking torque converter.

Transfer Case

NP208 Transfer Case

Rear Axle

AMC rear axle with Trac-Lock, 3.31 gear ratio

Front Axle

Dana 44 front axle

Wheels / Tires

Stock, chromed 15x8 spoke wheels with Riken 31x10.5 radials.

Springs / Shocks

4 shock setup (stock) on front axle.

Misc --INTERIOR: Black w/electric bucket seats, A/C, electric windows, power door locks, map lights, digital clock.
-EXTERIOR: Black w/cheesey silver decal striping which has degraded and peeled off leaving brown primer striping. My FSJ is an '81 Cherokee Wide-Track. Yes, that's two doors, but I don't see what the issue of 2dr vs. 4dr is all about. The differences between the two FSJs is like twin brothers where one has a freckle!!! :P The Cherokee came with the Laredo package which I found out (after I bought the truck) is actually one step up from the legendary Chief. This thing is set up full zoot!! After looking at the 4x4 Almanac(?) (you know, that big book with everything about every 4x4 known to man) I realized that about the only option NOT on this Cherokee is the factory grill guard. This thing has everything, all of the full-luxo stuff like the Grand Wagoneers and all of the heavy-duty off-road stuff like the Chief's. So far, the truck is still basically stock with the exception of the CD player I installed.

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Sat, Sep 8, 2001